Joel Osteen’s Jokes: Jokes about/relating to horses (Compilation)

“The Pastor and his New Horse”

I heard about this pastor. He bought a new horse. He trained it to respond to “praise the lord” meaning giddy-up and “hallelujah” meaning woah. Every time he said praise the lord, the horse would take off running. When he said hallelujah, it would quickly stop. One day he was out riding and the horse got spooked and took off straight toward a cliff going full blast. In the panic, he couldn’t remember what he taught his horse. He said blessed God, glory, Amen, nothing work!. At the last second, he shouted “HALLELUJAH”, the horse came to a screeching halt inches before the edge of the cliff. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Praise the lord!”.

“The Three Aspiring Psychiatrists”

I heard about these three aspiring psychiatrists, William, Julie, and Bubba. They were taking their first test on emotional extremes. The professor asked William, “What is the opposite of sadness?” He replied, “happiness”. The professor asked Julie, “What is the opposite of depression?”. She replied, “joy.” The professor asked Bubba, “What is the opposite of Woe? W-O-E.” Bubba looked kind of puzzled. After a long pause, he replied, “giddy up!”
– Closed Doors Can’t Stop You

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