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As Mindy Gledhill’s Pocketful of Poetry song goes “I don’t do well if I’m kept behind an office desk inside it makes me lose my mind which wonders endlessly where all the birds fly freely with their silhouettes and perfect symmetry. I’ve got a pocketful of poetry”, I’ve got a head full of thoughts and a hand with wings and then I’m murdering the lyrics of the song now 😀 Anyway, I am sure you get what I mean. Hence, welcome to my outlet, receptacle and or collection of some random, sometimes emotional dramatic thoughts and creative pursuits. WANDER WHERE YOUR CURIOUS SOUL TAKES YOU. Ciao

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“5 Relationship Tips for Women”

I heard about five relationship tips for women.

Number 1: It’s important to find a man that loves you and is loyal…..

The Interview — Banter Republic

“The interviewer handed me his laptop and said, “I want you to try and sell this to me.” So I put it under my arm, walked out of the building and went home. Eventually, he called my mobile and said, “Bring it back here right now!” I said, “$200 and it’s yours.” I didn’t get the job…

Whispers of the Universe: How Fragile We Are

We are constantly reminded of how trivial we are, how fragile and negligible our goose bumps seem compared to the magic of the bangs and whispers of the universe when it collides within itself. Like a jaded generation we have been taught to write ourselves off, to commit our shallow meanings to losing and finding […]

Joel Osteen’s Jokes “Blonde Jokes”

I heard about this man. He was sitting in a dark restaurant. He said to the lady next to him, “Would you like to hear a blonde joke?” She said, “Woah, before you tell me, you should know that I’m blonde six-foot tall and a professional body builder. The lady next to me is a […]


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