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As Mindy Gledhill’s Pocketful of Poetry song goes “I don’t do well if I’m kept behind an office desk inside it makes me lose my mind which wonders endlessly where all the birds fly freely with their silhouettes and perfect symmetry. I’ve got a pocketful of poetry”, I’ve got a head full of thoughts and a hand with wings and then I’m murdering the lyrics of the song now 😀 Anyway, I am sure you get what I mean. Hence, welcome to my outlet, receptacle and or collection of some random, sometimes emotional dramatic thoughts and creative pursuits. WANDER WHERE YOUR CURIOUS SOUL TAKES YOU. Ciao

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Joel Osteen’s Jokes “The New Police Recruit”

I heard about this new police recruit, he was taking his final exam in front of a large classroom. The sergeant asked him, “What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother-in-law?” Without missing a beat, he said, “call for backup.” —- Bloom Where You Are Planted, Joel Osteen

My Kind of Like New Diary,

Dear _ _ _ _ (my kind of like new diary ) I went to bed probably about 10 minutes right after my last text to you last night and I had a really good sleep. It was a deep sleep—one I don’t often have but the alarm I set for yesterday’s (because of the annual […]

The Lucid Dreamlike Love They Speak Of

“Do not fret if you have yet to find it, this lucid and dreamlike love they speak of, this fervent and inspiring tenderness. Do not fret if you have yet to find it, rather, open your heart to an atlas and stretch your fingertips towards the sky –for the world is also capable of holding […]

Joel Osteen’s Jokes “The Evangelist and The New Dog”

I heard about this man that got a new dog and he was having a terrible time training him. On the verge of despair, he came across a charismatic Evangelist who said “Leave the dog with me. I’ll have him train in no time.” The next week the owner returned, the Evangelist picked up a […]


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