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As Mindy Gledhill’s Pocketful of Poetry song goes “I don’t do well if I’m kept behind an office desk inside it makes me lose my mind which wonders endlessly where all the birds fly freely with their silhouettes and perfect symmetry. I’ve got a pocketful of poetry”, I’ve got a head full of thoughts and a hand with wings and then I’m murdering the lyrics of the song now 😀 Anyway, I am sure you get what I mean. Hence, welcome to my outlet, receptacle and or collection of some random, sometimes emotional dramatic thoughts and creative pursuits. WANDER WHERE YOUR CURIOUS SOUL TAKES YOU. Ciao

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My Neurosis: Finding Pleasure in the Pain or Suffering

What type of neurotic behavior am I exhibiting now? While the term neurosis may be an exaggeration, it does seem appropriate to describe my behavior. Although it causes pain and discomfort, I continue to engage in it and even find pleasure in the pain. Strangely, it also makes me more present and engaged in the…

Joel Osteen’s Joke “Four Passengers in a Crashing Plane”

“I heard about this airplane that was about to crash. There were four passengers but only three parachutes. The first passenger said, “I’m a leading heart surgeon . My patients need me.” He took the first parachute and jump. The second passenger said, “I’m a rocket scientist. One of the smartest men alive. My country…

To Pick Up the Pieces of the Wreckage

Survival takes courage, it takes guts to pick up the pieces of the wreckage and move on, to dust off your limbs and bandage your hurts. Survival is more than burying the damage, it is about befriending it – it is about being thankful for how, at a point in your life, it created graveyards…


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